Snowboard Fin Tec Heel

By Bomber Industries

Fin-Tec heels are based from the current industry standard for all snowboard hardboots. Bomber Industries Fin-Tec heels have these features:

Aluminum Main Case: Incredible strength and reliability in the main body of the heels.

Bearing Sleeves for Main Pins: The Main Pins move with-in a composite bearing for super smooth action on entry and exit.

Hardened Steel Guide Pins: Steel pins guide and align the heel assembly into the receiver giving you a precise and accurate interface with the binding.

Replaceable Heel Pad: The Heel Pad is a replaceable item so you may put a new one in when needed. Also, being replaceable, we made the pad from grippy material to keep you off your rear-end.

Strong Cable and Handle Assembly: No broken cables here. Extra beefy cable was used to make for a reliable system. The new handle assemble is shaped just right for ease of grip and release.

Warrantee and Support:  One year warrantee and reliable Bomber support for any needs you have on these assemblies.