Automatic Casino Card Shuffler

By Shark Trap

Silver Medal Winner for 'Best Table-Game Product or Innovation' at the 2018 Annual GBB Gaming & Technology Awards
Silver Medal Winner for ‘Best Table-Game Product or Innovation’ at the 2018 Annual GBB Gaming & Technology Awards

SHARK TRAP™ GAMING & SECURITY SYSTEMS has engaged with Leardon Solutions to deliver completed products for GLI approval.

Shark Trap™ Gaming & Security Systems (ST) started with the premise that technology had advanced to the point where it should be possible to develop a system for detecting all forms of marked cards, and that such a system could be offered to the casino industry in an automated, unintrusive, reliable, cost-effective platform that would transcend table-game security.

The first challenge was to fully define the marked card problem. To address the main questions surrounding this vast and illusive topic, ST embarked on a ground-breaking study that carefully examined the marked card problem from every conceivable angle.

To house the necessary card-marking-detection technology, it was immediately apparent that shuffling machines were best suited for the job. After talking with several operators to get their feedback about the pros and cons of today’s shufflers, their invaluable input became the starting point for developing a complete line of random-selection shufflers, each with one or more attributes specifically designed to address various wide-spread concerns.

Finally, it was determined that shufflers working together and sharing data was the ultimate way to ensure accurate results. The idea of a server-based system of networked shufflers was advanced, and after many months of research, several technical conclusions began to evolve in the following areas:

  • the best technologies for detecting all forms of playing card anomalies
  • the best analytics for evaluating, detecting, and confirming the data
  • the best system for communicating the results to management, surveillance, and security personnel

Enter Shark Trap™ Gaming & Security Systems.