AutoDelivery – Autonomous Mobile Robot

By Brain Corp

AutoDelivery is an autonomous, self-driving delivery tug optimized for use in retail, factory, and warehouse environments. This proof-of-concept robot eliminates the back and forth, working seamlessly alongside teammates while safely navigating complex, dynamic public environments.

The technology was first developed to clean floors, and it powers several scrubbing robots in the floor care industry, including those made by Tennant, Minuteman, ICE, and SoftBank Robotics.

But the same system that enables a floor scrubber to safely traverse an office building can of course be used to power a different kind of autonomous mobile robot. That’s just what’s happening. BrainOS has now been used in an autonomous stock delivery robot.

The robot, a tug that pulls carts of various sizes, can be utilized by grocery stores, for example, to pull stock to various locations. The automated delivery solution can be customized for commercial and retail facilities, as well as warehouses and factories.